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I understand that you have your own private life to tend to, plus it's difficult as it is trying to maintain a blog about a celebrity (especially one that enjoys privacy like Logan). I think people need to understand that as well. It's okay if the blog has it's breaks; you're doing your best, the blogs great and keep up the good work. I love this blog! You should run this blog out of joy not an obligation to make others happy. So thank you!

Thank you for understanding!  We love you guys and we really do try to update as much as we can! 

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Anonymous asked:
Dude your blog is awesome and I know you try your best, keep up the good work! <3

Thank you very much. We appreciate the support!

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accioc0nfidence asked:
can you post the picture you have set as the header for the mobile layout of your blog? Hope that make sense lol

I think the picture you are referring to is this one!

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Anonymous asked:
this blog has really lost my interest : (

I’m sorry to hear that! Unfortunately, Logan has just been in a kind of “under the rock” stage, and there just isn’t much to update or post about at the moment. But Fury will start getting more promotion soon and we’ll have much more to update with at that point. You just have to be patient. Logan’s not a super active celebrity. He doesn’t go out that often, or, he’s just very good at not being spotted.

I plan to try and update more than once a week with gifs and graphics! My schedule is just so busy, so hopefully my other members can start being more active! This isn’t anyone’s main blog, but we’ll work on being more active, I promise.

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My whole thing has always been to try to live humbly and keep low overheads so I can make the movies I want to make.

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Anonymous asked:
that's because alexandra doesn't have a lot of fans

Actually, she has quite a lot. There’s just no set “name” for her fans.

A person can be famous without having a “name” for their fans. Because the fans are the ones that make the name up. That doesn’t show their celebrity status.

Just saying.

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eu-eumesma-e-o-marcel asked:
HI! I'm a brazilian Lermaniac, and im addicted with your blog. You are amazing! I wish meet Logan someday :'c

Aww, thank you so much!

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Anonymous asked:
What are the Alexandra Daddario fans called ?

Some say Daddarians? But her fans don’t really have a “name”. Haha.

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